Why Us?

50+ Years of Experience

Our team of commercial real estate experts with a combined 50+ years of experience in the industry positions us to offer a unique approach to investing in commercial real estate.

Diverse Range of Options

We specialize in net lease, development and repositions, and offer a wide range of finance options from hard money and bridge loans to conventional agency debt through our capital markets team.

Amazing Synergy

Having operated the companies within this company for many years, we realized bringing everyone together under one roof integrating all of the companies, created amazing synergy both we and our clients benefit from.

A Variety of Experts

Having our team of experts from debt, equity and development working together grants us and our clients the privilege of having someone from each side of a transaction at the table for every transaction.

Meet Hanson…

Chris Hanson, founder of Hanson Capital Group, has been actively involved in real estate since 2008. Hanson Capital Group originally operated as an auction bidding service provider for institutional clients, such as Invitation Homes, Fortress, Waypoint, and American Homes for Rent. After successfully acquiring 1500+ single family residences, Hanson saw the opportunity to scale business through the facilitation of acquisition funding, and started Hanson Capital LLC, which to this day operates as a state licensed bank in multiple states.

Hanson transitioned from residential real estate to commercial real estate in 2016, initially focusing primarily on small value-add multifamily properties, and has grown Hanson Capital Group, LLC into a fully integrated private equity firm that repositions and develops retail, industrial, and multifamily properties. As of 2020, Hanson, through his affiliated companies, has bought and sold over 2000 single family residences and over 1000 multifamily units.

Meet The Team

Chris Hanson Founder

Avid car enthusiast and pilot!

Tiffany Harper Principal

Completely addicted to Starbucks & loves a good murder mystery

Zach Price In-House Counsel & VP of Investments

Holds the high school state record for most yellow cards received in a single soccer season

Chris Pike Director of Acquisitions & Production

Lost his front tooth oaring a white water raft at age six!

Ellery Martin Production Manager

Despises tomatoes with a passion....

Christina Glendon Executive Administrator

Raps to old school hip hop while cleaning

Kayleen Fields Production Assistant

Information coming soon.

Brad Bell Accounting Department

Information coming soon.

Keith Katz Accounting Department

Secretly rivals concert pianists with his skills

Ryan Tinker Associate

Information coming soon.

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Years of Experience

Our Services

Hanson Capital

We’re an asset based lender focused on creative solutions in Real Estate Finance.

Hanson Equity Partners

We focus on opportunities with a high probability to realize higher than average returns coupled with the ability to invest in a tangible asset, offering an attractive opportunity for investors to amplify their current portfolio.

Hanson Development

Developing Class A real estate to deliver excellent risk adjusted returns.